13-Inch Retina Display MacBook Pro Reportedly Scheduled To Launch Alongside iPad Mini

New MacBook Pro 13 Inch Retina Display

According to two new reports from both AllThingsD and 9to5Mac, Apple is allegedly scheduled to unveil a 13-inch variation of their 15-inch Retina display Macbook Pro alongside the rumored “iPad Mini” later this month.

Citing unnamed sources, AllThingsD suggests that Apple plans to unveil the smaller Retina display MacBook Pro during their rumored October 23rd media event.

The smaller iPad may be the star of Apple’s as of yet unannounced October 23rd invitation-only event, but it will have an impressive supporting cast.

Sources familiar with Apple’s plans tell AllThingsD that the company plans to unveil a smaller version of its MacBook Pro with Retina Display as well.

Moreover, 9to5Mac seems to have obtained similar intel from early part numbers, which have reportedly propagated in Apple’s internal systems.

Nearly six months ago, in June, Apple introduced a new and improved 15-inch Retina display MacBook Pro. However, instead of discontinuing the regular 15-inch MacBook Pro, Apple kept both models in their product line. Similarly, Apple is also expected to continue selling the ordinary 13-inch model, but also introduce a smaller MacBook Pro with a Retina-quality display, a radically improved design and flash-based storage.

As previously stated, the event is rumored to be held next week on October 23rd – stay tuned for complete coverage.

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