All Things Apple Giveaway: iPhone 4S, iPod Touch, iPod Nano And iPod Shuffle

Hello, and welcome to my All Things Apple Giveaway that I’m doing in collaboration with iPodUplink from JailbreakNation!

To thank you, our readers and viewers, for all of your support, we decided to give back by hosting the biggest giveaway that we’ve ever done! Our giveaway will consist of a new unlocked iPhone 4S, an iPod Touch, a sixth generation iPod Nano and a 4th generation iPod Touch – yes, that’s right, over $1,000 worth of Apple prizes!

In order to enter to win, follow the steps listed below:

The video also lists instructions on how to properly enter our giveaway

  • Step 1. You must be subscribed to both of us, as well as like our Facebook fan pages and follow our Twitter accounts. This step is crucial, and if you don’t have one or more of the account types previously mentioned, you can quickly sign up for one. For your connivence, you can accomplish all of the things listed in Step 1 by clicking the buttons embedded below:

  • Step 2. Once you have completed Step 1, enter your Youtube username, Facebook username and Twitter username in the form and hit submit to be eligible to enter the giveaway (this step is for verification purposes, your information will be kept safe and it won’t be shared with anyone).
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  • Step 3. Now for the most important part, entries! Once you have completed both of the steps listed above, you can enter by liking, favoriting, and commenting on every new video that either myself, or iPodUplink uploads until the end of the giveaway (including our giveaway explanation videos). Please note that it’s very important that your comment(s) contain the following phrase: “All Things Apple Giveaway”. Each time you preform the actions listed in this step, you’ll receive one entry – so that means, you can do this for every new video to increase your chance of winning.

Here’s a sample comment:

Hey, great video!

All Things Apple Giveaway

The giveaway will end one month from today, November 21st! Good luck and stay tuned for when we announce the winners!