Alleged Next-Generation iPhone ‘Engineering Sample’ Leaked

Alleged Next-Generation iPhone 5 'Engineering Sample' LeakedAccording to GottaBeMobile, the above and below images are pictures of what they’re calling an “engineering sample” of the upcoming next-generation iPhone. While the design certainly isn’t new to the Apple rumors section of the blogosphere, GottaBeMobile claims that this is it: the official design of Apple’s 6th-generation iPhone.

reported iphone 5 sample

The piece of metal appears to be a physical mockup that mirrors the “leaked” iPhone parts that surfaced towards the end of May. Moreover, it’s likely that the new “engineering sample” is simply a mold created by a case maker when they heard of the proposed “leaked” parts roughly a month ago.

Of course, we’ll reserve judgment until a finalized design is confirmed by more credible means. That being said, stay tuned for complete coverage on the next-generation iPhone.

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