Amazon Announced Their New $199 Kindle Fire Android-Based Tablet

Today Amazon announced their new $199 Kindle Fire tablet along with the new Kindle for only $79 and the new Kindle Touch for either $99 or $149 (depending on 3G connectivity).

The Kindle Fire is a 7″ tablet powered by a highly modified version of Android that seems more like a Kindle with extra features and a slick UI than an actual Android tablet.¬†Kindle Fire Users will be able to access the Amazon App Store, Prime Instant video, Amazon MP3, the Kindle Bookstore and Amazon’s cloud storage.

Here’s the Kindle Fire TV commercial:

Instead of describing all of the Kindle Fire’s features, I decided to embed a screenshot taken from Amazon’s site¬†(you might need to zoom in, if so, use control and + for PC or command and + for Mac):

The Kindle Fire will be released on November 15th, stay tuned for more news related to Amazon’s upcoming tablet!