Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread For TouchPad Dual-Boot Demonstration

As most HP TouchPad owners already know, there are a few teams working on an Android for TouchPad port. The TouchDroid team is probably the most prominent one and so far, it seems like they are the ones that have made the most progress.

The members of the TouchDroid team were able to dual0boot webOS and Android 2.3.5 – however, there are still complications with the touchscreen that need to be address (kind of like the demo from the Cyanogen team).

Here’s a video demonstrating a TouchPad booting from webOS to Android and back again:

The other day a developer named rhcp011235 posted the video above on a Rootzwiki thread that also has a status update for the TouchDroid project:

Hello Rootzwiki and All fans and Supporters:

Touchdroid is glad to bring you our first demo video. Sorry, For the long wait, We wanted to show you our full progress so far.

This has turned into a large group effort over at #touchdroid and our private members. I am very glad to see things going well. And, I want to thank everyone involved.

-1st rule is no ETA’s!
There is no ETA. There never will be. So, do not ask. Why? Because we have no idea ourselves.

-Will we give status updates?
No. We have no plans to give public status updates until something is wroth saying and/or showing. If we do it will be on via RootzWiki. I may also give occasional updates via twitter @rhcp011235

-What is working as of now?
We have dual boot working as you can see in the video. It can boot both android + webos. At the moment we are utilizing one kernel for both OS’s. This may change in the future. You may ask why? Simple answer is we don’t have units to spear to science. Many of the developers working on this, Do Not Have Units. And the Few that do once they brick we have to wait on HP to repair them. (which will only slow development)

-What doesn’t work?
Pretty much everything 🙂 Touchscreen is #1 on the list. As we want to be able to use it to test different things. I have a few plans on how to get this done. I will not describe them here.

Please keep this thread clean. It will be moderated and dealt with accordingly.

Stay tuned for more news on the Android for TouchPad project!