Apple Announces WWDC 2013 For June 10-14, iOS 7 Should Be Incredible

iOS 7 OS X WWDC 2013Today, following Apple’s quarterly earnings call yesterday, the company announced their annual Worldwide Developers Conference (commonly referred to as WWDC) will take place June 10th through the 14th at the Moscone West Convention Center in San Francisco, California. While it isn’t customary of Apple, they also announced that tickets for the event, which will be priced at $1,599, and will be available for purchase tomorrow at 10:00 AM Pacific Time.

In previous years, Apple has sold tickets in tandem with their announcement, but with tickets selling out within hours in past years, it seems as though Apple is allowing everyone an opportunity to prepare and giving every developer an equal chance to purchase their tickets. Last year, tickets for WWDC 2012 sold out in under two hours on April 25th, 2012 – a new record for ticket sales in Apple history, especially considering 2011’s conference sold out in roughly 12 hours!

In light of Apple’s pre-ticket sales announcement, it’s likely that the company will break their previous record for tickets sold in a short timespan. In addition to requiring that individuals who purchase tickets must be enrolled in one of Apple’s paid developer programs, with the advanced notice, Apple is also requiring that developers have been members of one or both of said developer programs prior to today’s announcement.

For those who are unable to attend this year’s WWDC, Apple notes that session videos will be posted during the conference rather than following the event, as they have in years past.

In a clever design, as pictured above, Apple’s graphic for this year’s WWDC features the Roman numeral “MMXIII” (2013) as the reflection for WWDC, which is only fitting for WWDC 2013. It’s expected that iOS 7 is scheduled to be one of the highlights and key points of discussion during this year’s conference. With so much riding on the next installment of iOS, including the hopes for the operating system from millions of customers, WWDC 2013 will be one to remember – stay tuned for full coverage.