Apple Granted Patent For ‘Wireless’ Inductive Charging Devices

According to PatentlyApple, several new patents filed by Apple were approved today by the US Patent and Trademark Office. While the majority of the 27 patents look fairly routine and bland, one stands out and appears rather intriguing.

Apple has reportedly been granted a patent that will allow the company to develop and, if they so choose, distribute a specialized inductive charging system:

Apple has received a Granted Patent relating to circuits, methods, and apparatus for adapters, such as inserts and cable adapters, and docking stations that include one or more of the following: reradiating antennas to enhance wireless signal integrity, inductive charging circuits, and wireless or optical data links. To date, Apple has yet to debut an inductive charging dock for iOS devices.

As noted by PatentlyApple, this new patent encompasses inductive charging circuits (this will allow for “wireless” charging through an electromagnetic field) and docking stations with signal boosting and data transferring capabilities.

With an endless amount of hype surrounding the next-generation iPhone, it’s nearly impossible to determine what technologies the upcoming device will come equipped with. However, stay tuned for complete coverage regarding the next-generation iPhone.