Apple Is Testing Online Virtual Product Tours Via Screen Sharing, Online Chat Feature Now Available

Apple Store UpdateLast night Apple’s online store went down for maintenance and users who visited the site were greeted with an updated “We’ll be back soon” note (as pictured above). It was widely assumed that because Apple changed the appearance of their maintenance screen that they’d also update the graphics on their online store – however, that wasn’t the case.

Apple screen sharing
Apple Ask Now
Last night Apple added the ability to chat with a sales representative on product pages (like the page for the new iPad).

To take advantage of this new and fast online product support feature the customer simply has to go to the product that they have questions about and click the “Ask Now” button. After that, a new window will pop up and the customer will be connected to a member of Apple’s support team who should be able to answer questions pertaining to the product.

Additionally,  MacMagazine has discovered that Apple is testing (at least at the online Brazilian store) a new feature that will allow employees to share their screens with customers to give a guided tour of a specific product.

As of now, it’s unknown when the screen sharing feature will be available on Apple’s online store. But, the chat feature was ready and enabled for use  immediately after the store came back online.

Apple’s continuous efforts to provide the best possible experience for their customers is certainly something that will ensure their continued success in the technology industry. Hopefully, the “guided tours” will be available soon along with other helpful innovations.

Stay tuned for more coverage on Apple’s products and services.