Apple Listed New iPhone And iPod Touch Models In Their Inventory System

With Apple’s upcoming October 4th iPhone unveiling event just around the corner, Apple has already already begun cataloging the next-generation iPhone and iPod Touch. According to inside sources, Apple already has three iPod Touch models listed in their inventory with the prefix “N81A”. Previously, Apple has used the prefix “N81” for the black iPod Touch 4th generation – it’s extremely likely that the extra “A” at the end of “N81” indicates that the model is either white or a slightly upgraded iPod Touch 4th generation.

But even more interesting than the newly listed iPod Touches, is that Apple also listed an “N90A” iPhone. The current iPhone 4 is listed as “N90” and it’s possible that the extra “A” suggests that the newly listed iPhone is a slightly modified version of the iPhone 4 – presumably the iPhone 4S. Whatever the case may be, we’ll find out on October 4th and until then, stay tuned for more iPhone and iPod Touch related news and rumors!