Apple May Partner With Intel For The Production Of Future iPhone And iPad Chips

Apple iPhone 5S 6 Chips IntelToday, Reuters published a new article, reporting that Intel’s plans to manufacture chips for other companies may include Apple as a future customer for their A-series iPhone, iPod touch and iPad SOCs (system on a chip). Currently, Apple is heavily reliant on their nemesis (Samsung) when it comes to processors for their post-PC iOS devices.

A source close to one of the companies says Intel and Apple executives have discussed the issue in the past year but no agreement has been reached.

While Intel has always designed and produced their own computer CPUs, which have then been purchased by companies like Apple for use in full-fledged computers, Intel has previously expressed interest in also tackling the contract-based chip manufacturing business. However, it’s said that Intel was mostly interested in developing processors for other companies based on their own technology, until now it seems.

With the increasing popularity of iOS devices, and other mobile post-PC devices, which have started slowing PC sales and thus threatening Intel, the company now has to face reality and is reportedly considering adapting to consumers’ newfound needs and wants.

It’s quite obvious that both Apple and Intel would benefit from a mutual mobile SOC partnership – Apple could reduce reliance on a major competitor and Intel would adapt and continue to thrive as the largest CPU manufacturer. Not surprisingly, Intel spokesman Chuck Mulloy refused to discuss any potential plans with Apple – similarly, an unnamed Apple spokesman declined to comment. Stay tuned for complete coverage on Apple, iDevice and any future details on a potential relationship between Intel and Apple.

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