Apple Might Announce The iPad 3 In The First Week Of March

iPad 3 announcement release date Apple

According to AllThingsD, Apple will hold a special event in March to announce their next-generation iPad – presumably the iPad 3.

AllThingsD’s source informed them that Apple has chosen the first week in March to unveil the iPad 3 at one of their special media events. The event is speculated to be held at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, California.

Even though the source didn’t provide a release date, only a rough announcement date, it can be inferred that Apple will release the iPad 3 one week after the unveiling (based on the iPad 2’s announcement and release).

Additionally if Apple holds their iPad 3 event on March 2nd (like they did with the iPad 2) and releases the next-generation tablet one week later, March 9th, that will match up perfectly with the rumored iOS 5.1 release date.

As for the iPad 3 itself, sources have informed us that it’s what we’ve been expecting – an upgraded iPad with a similar iPad 2 form factor and a Retina display.

Stay tuned for more news and rumors related to Apple’s next-generation iPad 3.

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