Apple Releases OS 10.7.1 Lion Update To Fix Issues

Today Apple pushed out OS 10.7.1 to address some issues Lion users have been experiencing with their Macs. The update is available to Lion users through the native Software Update function and it covers the following changes:

What’s included?

The OS X Lion v10.7.1 Update is recommended for all users running OS X Lion and includes general operating system fixes that enhance the stability and compatibility of your Mac, including fixes that:

  • Address an issue that may cause the system to become unresponsive when playing a video in Safari.
  • Resolve an issue that may cause system audio to stop working when using HDMI or optical audio out.
  • Improve the reliability of Wi-Fi connections.
  • Resolve an issue that prevents transfer of your data, settings, and compatible applications to a new Mac running OS X Lion.
  • Resolve an issue in which an admin user account could be missing after upgrading to OS X Lion.

If you want more information on the OS X 10.7.1 update, or if you’re simply curious then click here to go to Apple’s official 10.7.1 summary. Stay tuned for more OS X related news and information.


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