Apple Scheduled To Present For The First Time At Black Hat Security And Hacking Conference

According to Bloomberg, Apple is prepared to take an interesting leap in the name of software security by presenting at this week’s Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. This will reportedly be Apple’s first time participating since the original conference 15 years ago.

While many major technology vendors have overcome their reluctance to making a public showing at the conference, Apple, now the world’s most valuable company, has had no problem snubbing a community whose aim is to unearth its vulnerabilities.

That will change Thursday when Dallas De Atley, manager of Apple’s platform security team, is scheduled to give a presentation on key security technologies within iOS, the operating system for iPhones and iPads.;

Also, while security researchers working for Apple have supposedly attended past Black Hat conferences, they’ve managed to keep a low profile and observe at an unnoticeable distance. It’s said that while certain Apple researchers were scheduled to present during the 2008 conference, Apple’s marketing team inevitably learned of their plans and put a stop to them.

…’no one at Apple speaks without marketing approval,’ [Black Hat general manager Trey] Ford wrote in an e-mail. ‘Apple will be at Black Hat 2012, and marketing is on board’.

Previously, the Black Hat conferences have played host to numerous security experts who have presented their vulnerability findings for both iOS and OS X (Apple’s two operating systems for both mobile and computer devices). One such presentation lead to Apple’s release of iOS 3.0.1 when a very severe SMS security exploit was demonstrated in 2009. What does Apple have in store for their strange and unexpected participation in this year’s conference? Stay tuned to find out!