Apple Sells Out Of Both iPad Mini And 4th Generation iPad Pre-Order Stock

iPad mini and 4h gen ipad sold out

Within minutes of availability, Apple sold out of initial white iPad mini pre-order stock early Friday morning. However, Apple’s online store has consistently maintained launch day shipping estimates for both back iPad mini models and all Wi-Fi 4th Generation iPad models.

Inventory started to slip first for the 16GB black Wi-Fi iPad mini models on Saturday, with the two higher-capacity 32GB and 64GB models following this morning, all of which now display “2 week” shipping estimates. Furthermore, Apple also appears to have sold out of their initial A6X-equipped 4th Generation iPad stock, as their site displays extended shipping dates to “1 week”.

On a related note, while Wi-Fi + Cellular iPad mini models still display “Mid November” delivery estimates here in the United States, customers from other countries are reporting “Late November” shipping dates.

The new iPad mini and 4th Generation iPad will arrive on Friday morning for customers who were quick to pre-order and will also be available at Apple retail locations starting at 8:00 AM local time.

Stay tuned for complete coverage on Apple and their new iPad mini and 4th Generation iPad.

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