Apple Testing iCloud Site For A Possible Web-based Notification System?

Web-based notifications iCloud iMessage MessagesIn iOS 5, Apple introduced a completely revamped and intuitive notification system for iOS-based devices. Similarly, Apple announced a new iOS-esque notification system for OS X when Mountain Lion (the next major OS X installment that’s slated for release this summer) was revealed in February.

As noted by MacRumors, Apple’s iCloud site started displaying a simple notification that’s highly reminiscent of iOS and Mountain Lion’s notifications this morning upon logging in.

The notification was presumably meant for testing purposes, as it no longer appears, and read: “Default Title for English- This is a test message description”. Moreover, the icon on the left of the notification is one used by Apple to denote various troubleshooting and help related issues.

While the notification no longer appears after a successful login, it’s definitely possible that Apple is developing a web-based notification system for iCloud users. It’s likely that the “Default Title for English” message that was displaying earlier this morning was an accidental slip on Apple’s part and could even be a glimpse as to what’s coming in the future.

A hopeful and intriguing scenario is that Apple might roll out a browser-based solution for customers either on the go, or with a Windows-powered computer who want to message users with iMessage for iOS and/or Messages for OS X.

Hopefully, more details will be available upon the official public release of OS X Mountain Lion. Until then, stay tuned for full coverage on a possible web-based notification system for Apple customers.

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