Apple Testing iOS 6.0.1 For An Upcoming Release, iOS 6.1 To Follow

Jailbreak Apple for iOS 6.1 6.0.1

According to a new report from BGR, which cites “reliable Apple sources”, iOS 6.0.1 is currently being tested with various carrier partners here in the United States. As stated in the report, 6.0.1 will offer a number of small bug fixes and improve the general usability of iOS-based devices.

If accurate, iOS 6.0.1 will correct the issue of horizontal lines appearing on the device’s screen in certain instances when the keyboard is active or when an app folder is open. The new update is also said to address a bug that causes the camera’s flash to fail sporadically.

Additionally, other minor changes include improved Wi-Fi support, a cellular data toggle for iTunes Match, a bug fix that addressees the cellular data connectivity of the iPhone, a fix for another issue that grants access to certain Passbook pass details on the lock screen and, finally, a solution that corrects the inappropriate and unwarranted cancelation of Exchange meetings for the whole calendar invite group.

In separate, but related, news, BGR also suggests that Apple has begun testing iOS 6.1, which will likely succeed Apple’s forthcoming 6.0.1 firmware. While it’s highly unlikely that iOS 6.1 will be introduced with the release of the iPad Mini (unless Apple releases it as a separate build specifically for the new iPad), 6.1 can be expected in the coming months. Stay tuned for complete coverage on Apple, the upcoming iPad Mini, iOS 6.0.1 and 6.1.