Apple’s App Store Will Pass 50 Billion Unique Downloads Within A Week

App Store Reaches 50 Billion DownloadsEarlier today, Apple placed a new pre-celebratory announcement on their site for the company’s next major milestone in App Store downloads. Within four months of announcing that the App Store had surpassed a mind-boggling 40 billion unique downloads, excluding “re-downloads and updates,” Apple is preparing to commemorate 50 billion total unique downloads with a new giveaway.

Upon reaching the App Store’s next major achievement, Apple will give the lucky user who happens to download the 50 billionth app a $10,000 iTunes Store gift card. Additionally, instead of giving only one gift card away, Apple is prepared to send out 51 gift cards for their new contest, with the users who download the 50 apps following the 50 billionth app downloaded receiving $500 gift cards.

But it doesn’t stop there, until the milestone is reached, Apple has given the contest prominent real-estate on their site’s front page, complete with an animated total apps downloaded counter. The stylish counter is also accompanied by a slideshow of rotating iPad mini app photos with the following incredible facts that aid in the appreciation of just how massive a milestone 50 billion app downloads truly is:

  • With 50 billion steps, you could walk around the earth more than 800 times.
  • With 50 billion bricks, you could build 12 Great Walls of China.
  • Counting to 50 billion would take you 1,600 years.

Moreover, it’s incredibly amazing considering the App Store has seen more downloads in the past four months (10 billion) than there are people in the World. At this rate, Apple will easily surpass last year’s record high of roughly 15 billion Apps downloaded in all of 2012.

Finally, for those wondering when the App Store will reach 50 billion downloads, when taking into account that the counter was at approximately 49.2 billion during the time of the contest’s announcement last week, it should (in theory) take less than seven days to reach the seemingly impossible milestone. Stay tuned for complete coverage on Apple and the company’s wildly successful App Store.