Apple’s iPad 3 May Come In Three Models With A Retina Display And An Improved Battery

Next-Generation iPad 3 Leak Rumor

According to DigiTimes’ anonymous sources, Apple will release a “high-end” iPad model in early 2012, most likely around March, that will sport double the battery capacity of its predecessor.

If accurate, the high-end next-generation iPad will feature a new 14,000 mAh battery as opposed to the 6,500 mAh battery that’s currently used in the iPad 2!

Additionally, DigiTimes has reported that there will be three next-generation iPad models: a low-end model (it will likely retail for less than the iPad 2’s price scheme), a mid-range model (it will likely retail for the same price the iPad 2’s price scheme) and a high-end model (it will likely retail for more than the iPad 2’s price scheme).

While the low-end model is rumored to have the same battery life and screen resolution as the iPad 2, the higher-end models are expected to feature the 14,000 mAh battery (as mentioned above) and a screen resolution of  2,048 x 1,536 with dual-LED backlighting.

With that said, stay tuned for more news and rumors related to the next-generation iPad!

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