Apple’s iPhone 5 Javascript Benchmark Test: Fastest Smartphone Ever Recorded

Last night, according to AnandTech, the first SunSpider Javascript benchmark test for the iPhone 5 was publicized, confirming the iPhone 5’s questionably outstanding Geekbench test earlier this week.

Keeping in mind that smaller numbers indicate a snappier and superior performance, Apple’s new iPhone 5’s score of 914.7ms is the fastest SunSpider test ever recorded for a smartphone (even faster than Intel’s Atom Z2460 CPU).

Measuring two and a half times as fast as the iPhone 4S (2250ms) and considerably faster than all Samsung Galaxy S3 models (ranging from 1824.9 – 1442.9), the iPhone 5 will undoubtedly offer the fastest web browsing experience of any smartphone.

But, while the SunSpider Javascript test primarily measures web browser performance, final scores can be affected by both the device’s processor and Javascript implementation.

As outlined in AnandTech’s report, the iPhone 5’s unheard-of performance level can likely be attributed to the A6’s improvements in the memory subsystem. Stay tuned for complete coverage on Apple’s all-new iPhone 5.

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