Apple’s iPhone 5 Predicted To Impact The U.S. Economy By $75 Billion

iPhone 5 sales us economy

Like in years past, the latest iPhone model from Apple (the iPhone 5) was the company’s biggest smartphone launch. Within 24 hours of being available for pre-order, Apple sold an impressive 2 million iPhone 5 units.

According to Mobile Future, “a coalition of cutting-edge technology and communications companies”, the iPhone 5 has had a rather astounding impact on the United States’ economy and has more of an influence that originally anticipated.

In Mobile Future’s 2012 Mobile Year in Review, a number of impressive figures and accomplishments are revealed for the mobile industry – here’s a list of a few:

  • Mobile data usage literally doubled in 2012.
  • At 31 million tweets the 2012 Presidential Election was the most Tweeted event in history. And six in ten Americans now want the right to vote – via wireless.
  • 10 million photos were shared on Instagram during Thanksgiving 2012 – peaking at 226 pictures per second.
  • Over 50 precent of all mobile data was video, and consumers watched 9.3 billion mobile videos in the U.S. alone.
  • More than half of Americans now own smartphones, and there are more than 1 billion smartphones globally.
  • Apple sold more mobile devices in 2012 than it sold computers ever.
  • iPhone 5 sales alone could single-handedly move the entire $15 trillion U.S. economy by up to half a percent.

While all of the statistics listed above are impressive, especially the fact that Apple sold more iOS-based devices in 2012 alone than their total computer sales in the history of the company, the last point is particularly astounding. Stay tuned for complete coverage on Apple, the iPhone 5 and future iOS-based devices.

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