Nearly Assembled ‘iPhone 5’ Leaked, Unveiling Event Date, Hands-On Videos & More

Welcome to the ninety-ninth episode of my series entitled BestTechInfo and Rumors!

In this episode I discuss the latest series of next-generation “iPhone 5” leaks, the device’s unveiling event date p0sixninja leaving the Chronic Dev Team and more.

Links to the main topics in this episode:

1. Leaked Pictures of A Nearly Assembled ‘iPhone 5’

2. Hands-On Video Of Leaked Next-Gen iPhone Housing And Parts

3. Sources Confirm September 12th iPhone Event

4. Comparison Video Of iPhone 5 And iPhone 4S Display Panels

5. P0sixninja Bids Farewell To Chronic Dev Team, Leaves Due To “Money Drama”

6. Apple Granted 3D Gesturing Patent

7. Apple Patent Reveals High-Tech Smart Cover With Touchscreen Displays

8. Top Cydia Tweaks – iPad Edition

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