AT&T Reportedly Extending FaceTime Over Cellular To All Customers

AT&T FaceTime Cellular featureEarlier this month, it was revealed that AT&T was extending iOS 6’s FaceTime-over-Cellular feature to customers on a “tiered data plan” who own “an LTE device”, i.e. the iPhone 5, 3rd Generation iPad and now the 4th Generation iPad and iPad mini. Now, according to Mac Rumors, AT&T is silently rolling out the now two month-old feature to all iPhone customers.

Under AT&T’s previously announced plan, numerous customers were excluded from accessing the FaceTime-over-Cellular functionality – including those with unlimited plans and the iPhone 4S (iOS 6 itself only includes support of the feature for the iPhone 4S and the 3rd Generation iPad or newer).

According to a recent forum post from kre62, both his new AT&T iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S with unlimited data plans now support the feature and he’s able to successfully make FaceTime calls over the network.

I just turned off my other phone, a 4S and turned it back on, only to find the switch flipped to ON for facetime over cellular.

Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to activate the feature on either of my iPhones and it seems that AT&T will have a rather slow rollout for the feature they were so hesitant to officially support. As with the carrier’s previous plans to extend the iOS 6 functionality to tiered data plan customers, implementation could take eight to ten weeks. Stay tuned for additional coverage on Apple and AT&T.