AT&T To Increase Staff Ahead Of iPhone 5 Release Date

AT&T and Verizon Release DateYesterday, TechCrunch reported that AT&T has scheduled a vacation block from September 21st until the end of the month for what’s speculated to be the week of Apple’s sixth-generation iPhone launch.

However, today, 9to5Mac heard otherwise from an official AT&T spokes person through a quick and brief statement: “Not true”. While aligning perfectly with Verizon’s vacation block, also scheduled for the 21st to the 30th, numerous AT&T employees have stated that the company is playing to increase staff during the end of September.

This morning, an AT&T spokesperson told us that there is no company-wide vacation blackout at the end of September.

We’ve also talked to AT&T reps at other stores who’ve implied that, depending on staffing levels of that particular store, more people are being put on duty – but there is no “blackout”.

Aside from recent reports, it’s widely accepted based on the barrage of rumors that Apple will hold their next-generation iPhone-specific media event on September 12th. But, the actual release date for the new iPhone has yet to be confirmed and rumors haven’t revealed a more specify timeframe other than sometime towards the end of September.

Although, there have been some claims suggesting that Apple will follow their same predictable pattern by launching the device on September 21st, the same day that both AT&T and Verizon are planning to increase their retail staff. With that said, stay tuned for complete coverage on Apple and their upcoming iPhone refresh.