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AT&T Will Reportedly Offer A Service To Block Stolen Phones Next Week

by on July 6, 2012

AT&T Will Reportedly Offer A Service To Block Stolen Phones Next Week

According to The Verge, who has received the below image of a leaked internal AT&T document, the carrier will establish a database of stolen phones to prevent them from gaining carrier access.

Additionally, AT&T provided MacRumors with a statement that confirms their plans:

As announced in April, AT&T is creating a stolen phone database to prevent devices reported stolen from accessing wireless networks. We will install this availability next week for AT&T phones on our network and are working toward a cross-carrier solution later this year.

It’s also said that only the individual who originally requested the block can petition for the device’s removal from AT&T’s “blacklist”. While it’s still unclear how the services will work exactly, as depicted in the above image, customers will have the ability to report stolen or lost phones and have them added to AT&T’s block list starting July 10th.

Stay tuned for additional coverage on AT&T and their plans to aid customers with missing devices.

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  • Imscooty
    July 7, 2012 at 3:33 am

    Luckily this feature already exists in germany so stolen iPhones cannot be used as “phones” after beeing stolen. This also keeps people away from stealing iPhones and makes the world a little safer :D


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