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iOS 8.1.1 Jailbroken Untethered By iH8sn0w, Potential 8.2 Jailbreak Release!

by Tanner Marshon November 19, 2014
Today, following Apple’s recent release of the company’s iOS 8.1.1 Pangu Jailbreak-pataching firmware, a new an exciting update from iH8sn0w confirms that the hacker is dabbling in jailbreak development – more specifically, the creation of a utility capable of Jailbreaking 8.1.1 Untethered!

Apple's Design Chief, Jonathan Ive, Knighted Today, Say His "Best Work" Is Yet To Come

Apple’s Design Chief, Jonathan Ive, Knighted Today, Says His “Best Work” Is Yet To Come

by Tanner Marshon May 23, 2012
Today, as reported by BBC, Jonathan Ive (Apple’s senior vice president of industrial design) was knighted in Buckingham Palace. During his continuing tenure at Apple, starting in 1992, Ive has had a significant impact on what are arguably the best designs in the technology sector. He’s also worked on a wide spectrum of products, ranging […]

Jailbreak 5.1 untethered iOS 6

iOS 6 Or 5.1 Untethered Jailbreak? Pod2g’s Letting You Decide

by Tanner Marshon April 26, 2012
Pod2g, one of the main iOS hackers behind recent efforts to release an iOS 5.1 untethered Jailbreak utility, has been if nothing else open regarding the development stages of 5.1 untethered Jailbreak. In pod2g’s last update, he revealed that he could release a utility in as little as a month or not release one at […]


Pod2g Reveals That The iOS 5.1 Untethered Jailbreak Is At Least A Month Away

by Tanner Marshon April 24, 2012
Tonight pod2g, a renowned iOS security expert and hacker, updated his followers on Twitter with a series of tweets regarding the iOS 5.1 untethered Jailbreak status. On April 18th, pod2g  announced that he managed to discover all of the exploits (presumably userland) required to create a “new [Untethered] jailbreak”.

Apple iPhone 5 6

Apple Is Testing An A5X-Powered iPhone With 1GB Of RAM And A New 5,1 iPod Touch

by Tanner Marshon April 9, 2012
According to 9to5Mac, Apple has started internally testing upgraded iPhone hardware that’s powered by an A5X variant – presumably similar to the iPad’s A5X chip, but underclocked to conserve power.


New iPad WiFi Issues: Apple Is Replacing And Investigating Faulty Units

by Tanner Marshon April 5, 2012
According to an internal AppleCare document, publicized by 9to5Mac, Apple is thoroughly investigating complaints pertaining to poor and unreliable Wi-Fi connectivity for some new iPads.

The Next-Generation 2012 iMac Might Feature Anti-Refelctive Glass

by Tanner Marshon April 2, 2012
In a summary report for touch panels and displays, Digitimes claims that G-Tech Optoelectronics is ramping up production for cover glass used in the new iPad. According to sources, G-Tech is likely to supply approximately 25-30% of Apple’s cover glass orders for the iPad this year.

5.1 Untethered Jailbreak Status, New iPod Touch Info, iOS 5.1+ Downgrade In The Works & More

by Tanner Marshon March 30, 2012
This is the eighty-first episode of my series titled “BestTechInfo And Rumors”! This series is all about providing current and accurate technology related news and rumors. In this episode I discuss the iOS 5.1 Untethered Jailbreak status, the new (unofficial) iPod Touch,  the iOS 5.1+ downgrade that’s being developed and more! Links to the articles […]