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New iPad mini physical mockup

New Physical iPad Mini Mockups Pictured And Leaked

by Tanner Marshon September 3, 2012
In just over a week, on September 12th, Apple is rumored to hold their annual iPhone unveiling event. With no shortage of rumors and leaks surrounding the sixth-generation device, anticipation for the event couldn’t be higher. Also, it’s been suggested, by more that one report, that Apple will also unveil a new iPad with a […]

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Possible “iPad Mini” References Discovered In iOS App Developer Logs

by Tanner Marshon August 31, 2012
According to a recent report from Marco Armentt, the developer of Instapaper, he’s discovered strings of code that is believed to be associated with the rumored “iPad Mini”. “iPad2,5″ and “iPad2,6″ are the two new device identifiers that were uncovered by Armentt. While the “iPad2,1″ through “iPad2,3″ names are reserved for the WiFi, GSM and CDMA […]

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Leaked iPad Mini Component And Proposed iPod Touch-Like Design

by Tanner Marshon August 15, 2012
Recently, the majority of Apple-related news has been dominated by rumors and leaks pertaining to Apple’s upcoming next-generation iPhone. But between yesterday and today, numerous reports have been published that suggest Apple will indeed release an “iPad mini“.