Microsoft Unveils Xbox One: 8-Core CPU, New Kinect, Redesigned Controller And More

Xbox One Revaled

“Lag-free, instant and complete experience” – these are the words Microsoft executives used to describe the company’s next console generation during this morning’s Xbox Unveil event. From the preview and demonstrations that were given, they were right on. The next Xbox, officially dubbed the Xbox One, is not only intuitive and wicked fast, it’s also crammed full of next-gen technologies …

Microsoft Surface Pro Launches February 9th With $899 Starting Price

Microsoft Pro Surface About To Launch

Today, Microsoft announce that their forthcoming Surface Pro tablet, which is far superior to the almost three month old Surface RT tablet that made its debut last October. Originally scheduled to launch this month, the Surface Pro’s release was pushed back and will go on sale in the United States and Canada on February 9th.

Xbox 720 Specifications Leaked: 8-Core Processor, 8GB Of RAM, Blu-ray And More

Durango Leaked Xbox 720 Specs

Following last week’s rather vague technical capabilities leak for both Microsoft and Sony’s next-generation gaming consoles, VGLeaks has just publicized what appears to be detailed specifications for the next Xbox. Promising to unveil details on the fourth PlayStation (codenamed Orbis) in the weeks to come, VGLeaks has already released what they believe to be accurate internal component information for the …

New Purposed Details Of Microsoft’s Upcoming Windows Blue OS Emerge

New Leaked Microsoft Windows Blue OS

Last night, according to an article from BGR, Microsoft is rumored to have taken a page from Apple by moving their operating system to an annual release schedule. Microsoft’s next major installment to Windows OS is allegedly slated for release in mid-2013. Dubbed “Windows Blue”, the forthcoming operating system update may, as revealed by an unconfirmed Microsoft official who goes …

Will Microsoft’s Newly-Unveiled ‘Suface’ Tablet Dethrone Apple’s iPad?

Microsoft Surface Tablet

Yesterday afternoon, during a press conference in Los Angeles, Microsoft revealed a completely new tablet – pushing them further into the hardware industry. The tablet, dubbed “Surface”, measures in at 10.6 inches, 9.3 millimeters thick (for the less powerful model); if anyone’s counting, that’s a tenth of a milimeter thinner than the iPad and weighs just under 1.5 pounds (slightly …

Document Leaked Detailing Alleged Next-Generation ‘Xbox 720′ And Kinect

next-generation xbox 720

Despite that, on occasion, Microsoft denies rumors and suggests we won’t see the highly anticipated “Xbox 720” any time soon, enthusiasts are still itching to get their hands on some form of tangible evidence that highlights aspects of the next-generation console as well as indicating its existence. A 56-page document that details what is allegedly some iteration of Microsoft’s “Xbox …

Microsoft Is Leading Apple And Google In The Home Entertainment Sector

Microsoft Xbox 360 in the lead

It’s evident that Apple and Samsung are dominating the mobile arena, as they collected 99 percent of the profit generated by all major eight smartphone vendors (consisting of Motorola, Research in Motion, LG, Sony Ericsson, Nokia and of course Apple and Samsung) in the first fiscal quarter of 2012. However, it seems there’s a different giant in the home entertainment industry: Microsoft.