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This Could Be Apple’s Greatest MacBook Air Ad Yet – MacBook TV Ad: ‘Stickers’

by Tanner Marshon July 22, 2014
Last night, following its initial appearance on an unofficial channel, Apple posted an all-new MacBook Air TV ad on the company’s YouTube account. The video, which is embedded above, features a MacBook Air with an unfathomable quantity of stickers that rotate in a stop-motion style to an upbeat track from music artist and producer Hudson […]

iPhone 5 Music ad

Apple Publishes New And Relatable iPhone 5 ‘Music Every Day’ Ad

by Tanner Marshon May 24, 2013
Yesterday, Apple published a new television advertisement for the iPhone 5 on their official YouTube channel. Apple’s latest ad, dubbed “Music Every Day,” highlights one of the key selling points of the original iPhone: its ability to play music. In Apple’s latest ad style, “Music Every Day” is part of a campaign that’s focal point […]

New iPhone 5 TV Advertisement

Apple Publishes New iPhone 5 ‘Discover’ And ‘Brilliant’ TV Ads

by Tanner Marshon March 12, 2013
Yesterday evening, Apple published two new advertisements for the iPhone 5 on their official YouTube channel. Last night’s ads, dubbed “Discover” and “Brilliant” highlight and demonstrate a handful of the over 700,000 apps available on Apple’s App Store.

New iPad ads

Apple Publishes New ‘Alive’ And ‘Together’ iPad 4, iPad Mini TV Ads

by Tanner Marshon February 18, 2013
Last night, Apple published two new advertisements for their iPad mini and the fourth-generation full-sized iPad on YouTube. The two ads, dubbed “Alive” and “Together”, provide brief glimpses of a handful of the over 300,000 iPad-specifc apps available on the App Store.

Apple Airs New iPhone 4S Ads With Celebrities Samuel L. Jackson And Zooey Deschanel [UPDATED]

by Tanner Marshon April 16, 2012
According to The Next Web, a new iPhone 4S ad (centered around Siri) aired this afternoon during SportsCenter on ESPN. The commercial, embedded above, appears to be a Verizon iPhone 4S advert featuring Samuel L. Jackson.

Apple Releases A New iPhone 4S Commercial: ‘iCloud Harmony’

by Tanner Marshon February 27, 2012
Yesterday Apple released a new iPhone 4S commercial that highlights iCloud’s features and how your information appears seamlessly across multiple devices when you need it.

updated apple commercials

Apple Releases Two New iPhone 4S Commercials Highlighting Siri: ‘Road Trip’ And ‘Rock God’

by Tanner Marshon February 9, 2012
There’s no questioning whether or not the introduction of Siri was a game-changer in the smartphone industry. Since Siri made its first public debut alongside the iPhone 4S, Apple’s iPhone commercials have tended to gravitate around their game-changing blockbuster personal assistant.

Santa Claus Uses Siri: Apple Commercial

by Tanner Marshon December 18, 2011
It’s no secret that Siri makes simple tasks easier on the iPhone 4S and apparently Santa Claus thinks so too – at least according to Apple.