This Could Be Apple’s Greatest MacBook Air Ad Yet – MacBook TV Ad: ‘Stickers’


Last night, following its initial appearance on an unofficial channel, Apple posted an all-new MacBook Air TV ad on the company’s YouTube account. The video, which is embedded above, features a MacBook Air with an unfathomable quantity of stickers that rotate in a stop-motion style to an upbeat track from music artist and producer Hudson Mohawke. Beyond the clever use …

Apple Publishes New And Relatable iPhone 5 ‘Music Every Day’ Ad

iPhone 5 Music ad

Yesterday, Apple published a new television advertisement for the iPhone 5 on their official YouTube channel. Apple’s latest ad, dubbed “Music Every Day,” highlights one of the key selling points of the original iPhone: its ability to play music. In Apple’s latest ad style, “Music Every Day” is part of a campaign that’s focal point is people.