Infinity Blade 2 Review And Overview

As I mentioned yesterday afternoon, Infinity Blade 2 (a stunning visual iOS masterpiece) was release and is now available in Apple’s App Store for just $5.99. After purchasing Infinity Blade 2, and spending some time slashing a few titans, I created a video review and overview (embedded above).

“AppsGoneFree” Allows Users to Get Paid iOS Apps For Free


A new iOS application dubbed ‘AppsGoneFree’ was released to the iOS App Store today. The application’s function is highly implied by the title, ‘AppsGoneFree’, it lists a lot of iOS Apps that have “gone free” that were previously paid applications.The app will be updated daily with a list of brand new paid apps at the best price possible – free!

Bungie Has Released Their New iOS Game, Crimson: Steam Pirates


Today Bungie released their first iOS game, Crimson: Steam Pirates – it’s available to iPad users in the App Store for free! “Crimson is a turn-based action strategy game set in the world of pirates and open waters. As Gamers progress, they will be able to command a fleet of ships, submarines and airplanes to fight their opponents with”. Here’s more information on Crimson: Steam Pirates …

Bungie’s New iOS Game, Crimson: Steam Pirates, Will Be Free To Download Next Week


A new game, developed by some of the people who worked on the Halo series, called Crimson: Steam Pirates will be free to download on Apple’s App Store for iPad users on September first! Crimson will be a turn-based action strategy game set in the world of pirates and open waters. As Gamers progress, they will be able to command a fleet of …

OS X Lion Has Been Released, Download Your Copy Now!


OS X Lion is now available in the Mac App Store for just $29.99! Just in case you’ve been living under a rock lately, OS X Lion is “the most advanced operation system” (according to Apple) for Macs and is packed with amazing new features like Air Drop, Launchpad, Mission Control and 250 other great additions. Lion is also 3.5GB …

Google+ App Is Now Available On Apple’s App Store


The Google+ iPhone app has recently been approved by Apple and accepted into the App Store! It’s free (of course) and currently available for iPhone users – it isn’t iPad universal yet and it doesn’t support the iPod Touch either. The new app allows you to easily stay in touch with your Google+ Circles and check out your update stream.