This Could Be Apple’s Greatest MacBook Air Ad Yet – MacBook TV Ad: ‘Stickers’


Last night, following its initial appearance on an unofficial channel, Apple posted an all-new MacBook Air TV ad on the company’s YouTube account. The video, which is embedded above, features a MacBook Air with an unfathomable quantity of stickers that rotate in a stop-motion style to an upbeat track from music artist and producer Hudson Mohawke. Beyond the clever use …

Sprint Created A New Commercial Called “Unlimited iPhone”

With AT&T marketing the iPhone 4S as the iPhone with the fastest data speeds and Verizon boasting about their superb coverage, Sprint decided to flaunt the fact that they’re the only cellular company (in the US) that still offers unlimited data plans to iPhone users.

Apple’s First Siri TV Commercial

Apple has done it yet again – they’ve created another great and simplistic commercial that demonstrates Siri’s versatile range of capabilities!