Graphene To Pave The Way For See-Through And Flexible iPhone, iPad And iPod Models?

Apple and Graphene see through iPad

Graphite is a form of carbon (the fourth most abundant element in the universe that comprises every known living organism) that the majority of people are familiar with – it’s even used to create a common writing utensil: the pencil. However, graphene (a purer form of carbon) is significantly less well-known, yet it could become the driving force behind the next …

Will The Next-Generation iPhone Feature A 4-Inch Display? Two New Reports Back Up Rumors

4 inch display screen iPhone

As rumored for some time now, The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple placed orders for displays that are “at least 4 inches diagonally” – presumably for the next-generation iPhone. Apple’s current iPhone, and all previous models, have retained the introductory screen size of 3.5-inches. A larger display would not only appease the demands of customers who claim the iPhone …

Facebook Announces New ‘App Center’ For Cross-platform Web Apps

Facebook App Center HTML5 web

Today Facebook announced the upcoming launch of their new App Center. Facebook’s web-based App Center will be set up as a place for users to discover and interact with different apps across multiple platforms via virtually any HTML5-compatible web browser using their existing Facebook login credentials.

Apple Testing iCloud Site For A Possible Web-based Notification System?

Web-based notifications iCloud iMessage Messages

In iOS 5, Apple introduced a completely revamped and intuitive notification system for iOS-based devices. Similarly, Apple announced a new iOS-esque notification system for OS X when Mountain Lion (the next major OS X installment that’s slated for release this summer) was revealed in February.

Apple Attempts To Acquire With A Claim To The WIPO


Since Apple’s fifth generation iPhone was dubbed the iPhone 4S, instead of receiving the widely accepted “iPhone 5″ title, there’s been some controversy regarding the name Apple will inevitably give to their upcoming sixth-generation handset. Will it be referred to as the “iPhone 5″, “iPhone 6″, will it follow suit after the “new iPad” and simply be the “new iPhone”, …