Amazon Might Announce Their Inexpensive iPad Competitor On September 28th

by Tanner Marshon September 23, 2011
If the rumors are correct, Amazon will release a 7-inch “media tablet” with a watered-down version of Android that has the ability to connect to all of Amazon’s services. And according to sources, the new tablet won’t feature a multi-touch display – but if it’s $250 or cheaper does it really matter?


Leaked iPhone 4S OtterBox Packaging

by Tanner Marshon September 22, 2011
Earlier today @ChronicWire¬†posted¬†“leaked” pictures of packaging for an iPhone 4S OtterBox Commuter Series case (embedded above and below): LEAK: Photo of the back of the package showing the iPhone 4S case, depicting new volume buttons, and on the right side. New soft-looking volume buttons being on right side of iPhone 4S can probably be attributed […]


Apple’s Fall Event Is Set For October 4th, Tim Cook Might Unveil The iPhone 5

by Tanner Marshon September 21, 2011
According to All Things D, who cites “sources close to the situation”, Apple will hold their annual media event on Tuesday, October 4th. As of now, we don’t know what exactly Apple will announce at their upcoming even but, at the point, we’re certain that they’ll announce their next-generaion iPhone and hopefully their new iPod […]


Apple’s iPod Touch 5G Will Be Released In October With Minor Changes

by Tanner Marshon September 20, 2011
The image above is thought to be a “leaked” white iPod Touch 5G digitizer on a iPod Touch 4G With all of the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S related news and rumors over the past few months, the 5th generation iPod Touch hasn’t gotten much attention. Well today, we have some interesting iPod Touch related […]


Android 3.1 Honeycomb For The Google TV Will Be Released By The End Of September

by Tanner Marshon September 20, 2011
According to a new report from GigaOM, Google is getting ready to released the long-awaited Android 3.1 Honeycomb update for their Google TV platform. The report suggests that Google will release the new OS at the end of this month (September) because Google TV specific Apps are already being distributed on the Android Market. In […]

iPad 2 And iPhone 5 Untethered Jailbreak Exploits, Android For TouchPad, Qwikster, iOS 5 GM & More

by Tanner Marshon September 19, 2011
This is the forty-seventh episode of my series titled “BestTechInfo And Rumors”! This series is all about providing current and up-to-date technology related news and rumors for all of my readers and viewers. In this episode I discuss iPad 2 and iPhone 5 untethered Jailbreak exploits, Android for TouchPad, Qwikster, iOS 5 GM and more! […]


Alleged iPhone 5 Image Shows An A5 Processor And A Bigger Battery

by Tanner Marshon September 19, 2011
The image above appears to be components from Apple’s unannounced next-generation iPhone – the picture was posted on Weibo (a Chinese Twitter wannabe). It clearly shows a chipset with Apple’s A5 branding and we know it’s not from an iPad 2 because, as Phone Arena pointed out, the arrangement of components closely resembles that of […]


An iCloud Reset Suggests That iOS 5 GM Will Be Released On September 22nd

by Tanner Marshon September 18, 2011
According to a post on Apple’s Developer Boards from this afternoon, Apple is planning on resetting their iCloud Backup data on Thursday, September 22nd. This post in conjunction with an earlier report leads us to believe that Apple will most likely release iOS 5 GM on or around September 22nd. This reset won’t affect backups […]