Apple To Provide Automatic App Store App Updates

by Tanner Marshon June 4, 2011
MacRumors has uncovered a new addition to the iTunes App Store’s – a sentence hinting an upcoming feature called “Automatic Download”: Or if your device has Automatic Download enabled for apps, your updates will download to your device without having to sync. As of now, the meaning of Automatic Download is not completely clear; but, it seems […]

New Time Capsules: iOS And An A4 Or A5 Processor?

by Tanner Marshon June 3, 2011
According to Ars, Apple’s Time Capsule and Airport Extreme will be refreshed soon and it’s possible that they will receive iOS and either an A5/A4 processor: Our own source tells Ars that the revised hardware is believed to be built around Apple’s own A4 or A5 processor, and will run iOS much like the most recent Apple […]

Twitter Will Be Deeply Integrated Into iOS 5

by Tanner Marshon June 3, 2011
According to Robert Scoble, who apparently has sources that have worked with Apple on Twitter integration, iOS 5 will feature more than just Twitter photo sharing. He says that the integration will be “very deep” – let’s hope it involves a Twitter widget, Twitter photo and video sharing and Twitter notifications.

Apple iCloud Service Pricing And Official Icon

by Tanner Marshon June 2, 2011
According to our sources, this is the official iCloud icon The LATimes claims that iCloud will be a “low-priced” add-on to iTunes, and that it will cost a mere $25/year (perhaps as an add on to MobileMe). Dubbed iCloud, the service initially will be offered for a free period to people who buy music from Apple’s iTunes […]

Do the Black and White iPhone Cameras Differ?

by Elliot Reissneron May 30, 2011
The white iPhone 4 has been something a unicorn for Apple, but after months of delays it finally hit store shelves in April. Apple has never released the exact nature of the problem that caused the delay, but that hasn’t stopped anyone from speculating as to what cause may have actually been. The most credible reason […]


iOS 5 Concept

by Elliot Reissneron May 30, 2011
In just a few days, Apple will unveil the most advanced operating system for mobile phones: iOS 5. In the meantime, here’s a concept Apple-style slideshow presentation of iOS 5. The presentation simulates all the features we will get ( or want to have ) in iOS 5, and can be seen by clicking this […]

Google HTC Nexus 3 Leaked By Employee?

by Tanner Marshon May 28, 2011
At first glance, it looks as if someone could have leaked Google’s new flagship phone according to TechHog’s writer, Michael Blake, who claims to have a friend working in the Android Dev labs. The Nexus 3 is also rumored to be the first device to sport Ice Cream Sandwich, the unifying version of Android OS […]

iPhone 5 (Nano) N97 Mockup

by Tanner Marshon May 26, 2011
We just couldn’t resist, this is the best iPhone Nano mockup we have seen! It’s extremely detailed, and notice how the home button is touch based! Thanks to Ds51A for designing this amazing mockup!