New Comparison Video Of Leaked ‘iPhone 5’ And iPhone 4S Display Panels

New Comparison Video Of Leaked Next-Gen iPhone 5 And iPhone 4S Display Panels Recently, numerous websites have obtained different, alleged next-generation iPhone parts that share the same design and build quality. Only days ago, a hands-on video was release of what was supposedly the next-generation iPhone’s housing and other parts.

Today, an iPhone parts reseller by the name of ETrade Supply posted a thorough comparison video of the front panel of an iPhone 4S and what they’re claiming is the corresponding next-generation “iPhone 5”┬ápart.

The near seven-minute video, embedded above, reveals that newly leaked glass front panel that is said to belong to the next-generation iPhone is not only taller, but is also nearly impervious to scratches and is over a tenth of a millimeter thinner than the front panel used on the iPhone 4S.

Moreover, both the area above and below the screen on the “iPhone 5” front panel aren’t as wide as the corresponding sections found on the iPhone 4S’ front panel. This allows for the screen size to be increased, while barley increasing the overall height of the device.

While it’s currently unclear whether this series of leaks are of actual next-generation iPhone parts, stay tuned for complete coverage on Apple’s upcoming iPhone which is rumored to be unveiled on September 12th.