Could This Be The iPhone 6? Narrower Bezel, 4.7-inch Display And A New Design

iPhone 6 Leaked ImageEarlier today, a set of images of what are allegedly iPhone 6 components were anonymously leaked to MacRumors. Unfortunately, as with years past, today’s latest leaked images are so clearly out of focus. However, the pictures certainly aren’t as low resolution as past leaks – it’s almost as if the pictures were taken by a device that was wrapped in a similar plastic as the “iPhone 6” components, effectively obscuring the camera.

Furthermore, the legitimacy of the device has yet to be determined. Initial leaked prototypes of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C from last year were lacking the FCC text that’s blatantly apparent on the iPhone 6 rear shell in the pictures, indicating that Apple is further along in the company’s development process.

In addition to the strange appearance of the FCC text so early, the device lacks a cutout for either glass, plastic or another material that would allow the antenna signal to pass through the metal frame, similar to the design of the fifth-generation iPod touch and cellular iPad models.

By simply overlaying and lining up an image of the iPhone 5S over the leaked components, presumably using the home button to determine proper scaling, designer Federico Ciccarese was able to extrapolate crude measurements for MacRumors.

iPhone 6 vs iPhone 5s

The alleged iPhone 6 features a 4.7-inch diagonal display, with a width that’s identical to current iPhone models (2.3 inches).

Although it’s far too early to be certain that the device pictured above is an accurate representation of Apple’s next iPhone, we should know more in the weeks and months that follow, as the leaks seemingly become more abundant in numbers with every new model – stay tuned for complete coverage.