Detailed Comparison Of Newly Leaked iPhone 5 Parts

new leaked iPhone 5 partsFollowing numerous “iPhone 5” part leaks (including the proposed SIM tray, home button and, more recently, information pertaining to a smaller “9pin” dock connector), Nowhereelse has recently posted comparison charts of alleged “iPhone 5” parts and corresponding parts from its predecessors.

New iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S comparison

Starting from the top row, it looks as if Apple may return to using a rotational electric motor design of sorts for the vibrator mechanism. Originally found in the early GSM models of the iPhone 4, the design was succeeded by a new circular linear oscillating vibrator to provide a less intrusive vibration in both the CDMA model iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S.

The middle and bottom images are of flex cables used in Apple’s iPhones. Used to connect and group various components based on proximity and function, the flex cables are constantly evolving to account for the internal and external modifications. Due to the reported repositioning of the headphone jack, front-facing camera and proximity and ambient light sensors, it would seem as if Apple has simplified their flex cables accordingly.

new iPhone comparison chart

The cable in the second row of the above comparison chart, if accurate, all but confirms the repositioning of the headphone jack to the bottom of the next-generation iPhone. Previously, the cable would provide functionality for the volume control buttons, the mute toggle switch and the headphone jack, which were all in close proximity. Now, the cable appears to stretch farther – possibly to accommodate the repositioning of the headphone jack.

Moreover, the volume control cable appears to have an extra extension to support the lock and power button. While previously connected using the ambient light and proximity sensor cable (the third row of pictures in the above chart), the lock and power button connection has likely moved to simplify the sensors cable and conserve space.

Also, as a side note, the image embedded above provides a clearer picture of some of the parts seen in the above charts and previous leaks. However, the addition of the rectangle in the lower left of the image appears to be the protection shield that will attach to the back of the iPhone’s display.

While dozens of similar part leaks consume the next-generation iPhone rumor space, it’s likely that the finalized design will be similar to, or exactly like, the primary leaked design. However, nothing has officially been confirmed. We’ll know for sure during Apple’s iPhone oriented media event, which is rumored to take place on September 12th. Stay tuned for complete coverage.