Document Leaked Detailing Alleged Next-Generation ‘Xbox 720’ And Kinect

Despite that, on occasion, Microsoft denies rumors and suggests we won’t see the highly anticipated “Xbox 720” any time soon, enthusiasts are still itching to get their hands on some form of tangible evidence that highlights aspects of the next-generation console as well as indicating its existence. A 56-page document that details what is allegedly some iteration of Microsoft’s “Xbox 720” was recently leaked.

The leaked material, which appears to have been originally created around June of 2010, indicates a sort of road map for the gaming platform through 2015. If the document is accurate, Microsoft is set to debut the new console sometime during the 2013 holiday season bundled along side new Kinnect hardware for a starting price of $299.

Moreover, the “Xbox 720” is said to sport 3D output and come equipped with support for content on Blu-ray discs. However, with technology adapting to the digital frontier, it’s likely that, if included, the Blue-ray drive will be an additional option for customers who prefer having a physical disc over digital downloads and for media enthusiasts.

While the document suggests more believable changes to the next-generation Xbox and Kinect, (realistic hardware updates, improved tracking and four-player support for the Kinect), it also mentions the less likely. According to the five year plan, the company is likely in the process of developing a disply device to be worn in a similar fashion to Google’s Project Glass prototype we saw during a recent interview. The glasses Microsoft is reportedly working on will be capable of delivering, and possibly receiving, real-time data on objects, people and even places.

As noted by BGR, the document was has yet to be proven authentic. But, it was originally posted on Scribed before the site removed it due to a request from Covington & Burling  LLP (a law firm acting on behalf of Microsoft) Рthat alone should amount for something and, at the very least, suggest that there may be some truth to the leaked information.

Stay tuned for more information on the situation and complete coverage on Microsoft’s next-generation gaming and home entertainment console!