Dream JB iOS 6 And 6.0.1 Untethered Jailbreak Confirmed Fake

Jailbreak 6.0.1 Untethered iOS 6 with Dream JB Fake

With all of Apple’s latest iOS-based devices and a countless number of individuals on either iOS 6 or Apple’s latest 6.0.1 firmware, the demand for a Jailbreak has never been higher. While the latest Jailbreak does support iOS 6.0.1, when utilizing a clever workaround, it provides only a Tethered Jailbreak solution for older, almost outdated iDevices. As for the progress of the development of a Jailbreak for newer devices, p0sixninja recently revealed his plans to exploit the bootROM, which will effectively ensure that Jailbreaking has a bright future with new iOS software releases.

More recently though, as pointed out by JailbreakingiOS6 (a new and prominent Jailbreak site that I now manage), a new alleged hacker and developer by the name of Dream JB or Dream Jailbreak claims that he will release a utility on December 22nd. Boasting support for not only iOS 6.0.1, Dream JB claims that their Jailbreak utility will encompass newer Apple iOS devices as well – including the awesomely-powerful iPhone 5.

Since Dream JB happened to get picked up by the portion of the blogosphere that covers Jailbreak-related news, numerous prominent and well-established hackers and iOS security experts have started to claim fraud.

iH8sn0w, the young and knowledgeable developer behind the Sn0wbreeze custom IPSW Jailbreak tool, suggested that Dream JB’s forthcoming “utility” could be nothing more than a distribution method for a new virus.

A well-known developer named NitoTV is suspicious and is suggesting that all new developers are fraudulent until proven otherwise: “So to be clear, at least for me, code napoleonic law in jailbreak community as far as proof is concerned. fraud until proven otherwise”. 

Moreover, if that isn’t enough to turn you off of Dream JB’s claims of new Jailbreak utility slated for 22/12/2012, Musclenerd (the most prominent iOS hacker to date) added the “hacker” to his dishonorable list of fake Jailbreaks and unlocks.

With Dream JB scheduled to upload a new video for “proof” of his Jailbreak method today, stay tuned for additional coverage on the situation.

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