First Batch Of iPhone 5 Orders Ship And Lines Begin To Form

Throughout the weekend, Apple started updating customers’ iPhone 5 orders and shipping certain units from China. When referring to past iPhone launches, it’s not uncommon for Apple to stagger shipments throughout the week prior to launch day and specify important holding instructions to the various delivery services they enlist to lessen the load on said services.

As demonstrated in the video embedded below, it’s possible for customers to track their UPS packages even if Apple’s site displays: “Preparing for Shipment”. Due to the fact that Apple’s shipping information is often outdated because of the high volume of orders they’re handling, customers can make use of the tracking tools on the UPS site.

How to Track iPhone 5 Orders:

Apple uses FedEx in addition to UPS when shipping packages. Some individuals are reporting success when tracking their packages in a similar manner to the one demonstrated in the above video.

Apple iPhone 5 line

In a separate, but related report, Fortune notes that a line has already started to form at the Apple retail store on 5th Avenue in New York City. While the line started forming five days ahead of the iPhone 5 launch this Friday, it consists of more than just people there to purchase the new iPhone – individuals areĀ either waiting in line because their being paid to for promotional purposes or for the blogging experience.

Stay tuned for complete pre and post release iPhone 5 coverage.

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