First iPad 3 Shipments Have Left China And Will Arrive In The US Soon

Airplane Apple iPad 3 shipment

As the days draw closer to Apple’s next-generation iPad media event, we continue to hear rumors related to the next-generation iPad (presumably the iPad 3). Until recently, the rumors have mostly been regarding specifications – but last week, the rumors started to shift with the proposed iPad 3 Retina display that was discovered, the pictures Apple Daily posted that highlight the iPad 3’s design and the leaked pictures that surfaced of a Retina display production line.

Essentially, rumors have turned into “leaks” and today’s report is no different. An alleged iPad 3 shipping document was discovered by on Sina Weibo (a Chinese microblogging site of sorts – similar to Twitter):

Friends broke the news: Chengdu International Airport at major international cargo charter flights, cargo owners demanding security, from CTU takeoff by stop PVG Shanghai, and then directly to ORD Chicago, the JFK New York, LAX in Los Angeles, March 9, completed before transport. According to the privately disclosed the Chengdu F production for the U.S. A company’s latest products… Received friends inside information, Chengdu International Airport night cargo charter flights, said the owner of the security demanding, and in private that the Chengdu Fu X Kang new products. Takes note of the location of the United States (ORD Chicago, JFK New York, LAX in Los Angeles)

iPad 3 shipping

The individual who uploaded the shipping document to WeiPhone forum suggests that Apple started shipping finalized iPad 3 units today, February 26th, from Foxconn to the US:

Our company started undertake a load of top-secured cargo. The owner has extreme requirements for the security. In order to prevent the cargo from being dragged on the airport ramp for too long, as well as shortening the time the cargo stay on the airport ramp, we hereby require XXXX to schedule all the XXX cargo planes from Feb. 26 to Mar. 9. to XXX slot. – translation via

To recap, if this shipping document is legitimate then Apple’s first batch of next-generation iPads is already on its way over from China to three of America’s largest airports (ORD, JFK and LAX). Also, according to the image’s uploader, initial iPad 3 deliveries in the US will begin on March 9th. With that said, stay tuned for full coverage on Apple’s next-generation iPad.

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