First iPhone 5 Teardown Hits The Web Ahead Of Tomorrow’s Launch

First iPhone 5 Teardown Hits The Web Ahead Of Tomorrow's LaunchWhile Apple’s all-new iPhone 5 isn’t officially available to customers, reports have surfaced of individuals receiving their iPhone 5 pre-orders ahead of scheduled. Today, a German site by the name of iPhone-Garage (currently down for maintenance) posted images of a teardown they preformed on an iPhone 5 that slipped through Apple’s strict delayed shipping firewall.

Unfortunately, while the new teardown lacks the rich insight and detail that sites like iFixit has instilled in the phrase “iPhone teardown,” it reveals a substantial number of internal components that may look familiar from the plethora of leaks surrounding the device before its unveiling.

new apple iphone 5 teardown These first images not only assist in the conformation of the devices internal layout that was detailed in the numerous leaks from iResQ, but they also depict how Apple managed to make the most of the iPhone 5’s internal real estate. Compared to the iPhone 4S, Apple’s new iPhone 5’s internal structor and component layout has changed drastically.

Due to the iPhone 5’s larger, lighter and thinner form-factore, Apple was required to innovate more in the iPhone 5’s structure and design than with previous models. Modifications and enhancements such as the new Lightning connector, the more compressed lenses in the camera and by combining both voice and data chips into one allow for the completely revamped design.

Stay tuned for complete coverage on both Apple and the new iPhone 5.