Five New Userland Jailbreak Exploits Were Discovered For The iPhone 5 And The iPad 2

Earlier today at MyGreatFest, the first ever major Jailbreak convention, P0sixninja took the stage and announced that the iPad 2 and the iPhone 5 can be Jailbroken using not one, but five userland exploits that have been discovered since the iPad 2’s release back in March.

These new userland exploits are software based opposed to hardware based exploits such as the limera1n exploit that’s been used in Redsn0w for months. When a software exploit is used, Apple can easily patch it with a firmware update whereas the only way a hardware exploit can be patched is if Apple releases a new iDevice.

However userland exploits do have their advantages, they allow for an untethered Jailbreak and the different hardware variations doesn’t affect the exploit’s ability to function. And because of that fact, the Chronic Dev Team can take advantage of userland exploits that are capable of Jailbreaking iDevices with A5 processors, which as most of you know, is what the iPhone 5 will supposedly be powered by. So that means that the iPhone 5 will hopefully be “Jailbreakable” soon after its release – but, the Chronic Dev Team did say that they would need to “see the iPhone 5 itself” to determine the effectiveness of the exploits.

With that said, stay tuned for more iPhone 5 and iPad 2 Jailbreak related news!