Foxconn iPad Factory Explosion, 16 Injured, 2 Killed

MIC Gadget came out with a breaking story about an explosion at Foxconn’s Chengdu manufacturing plant that happened earlier today. This facility is where  iPad 2s are produced. The publication explained that the explosion occurred inside of an “operating room”:

We are not sure actually what cause the explosion and how many casualties had resulted. At the scene, there are currently more than 10 fire engines, ambulances and 10 police cars had arrived on the scene.

The factory has been sealed off by the police – reporters aren’t allowed to come near the plant due to a possible secondary explosion. Additional reports claim that sixteen men and a woman have been injured and two people died. Chinese resident Ji Quing Ling provided this account of the unfortunate event:

The explosion occurred in the A05, at 7 pm, the explosion caused many materials casted out from the building, and there are at least hundreds or more of workers inside the building. The whole building did not collapse yet, I do not know what is going on inside. Now there are more than 10 fire engines, 10 ambulances, many police cars.