Foxconn Recruiter Claims The Next-Generation iPhone Will Launch In June

New Apple iPhone 5 6

A report from Macotakara cites Tokyo’s World Business Satellite who approached a Foxconn recruiter that informed them that Foxconn, the company who manufactures the majority of Apple products, is hiring about 18,000 new workers to meet Apple’s increased orders for the new-generation iPhone.

According to the Foxconn recruiter, who may or may not be a reliable source, Apple is preparing to launch their new next-generation iPhone in June. Although it was hard to make out exactly what the recruiter was saying, she reportedly mentioned something about the new iPhone “being built for June”.

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However, the influx of employees hired at Foxconn could simply be to compensate the vast number of employees that Foxconn has lost recently. But, it’s hard to ignore the recruiter who suggests that Apple will return to their annual WWDC iPhone unveiling tradition that was disrupted by the iPhone 4S’ launch last Fall.

While there have been other reports that seem to suggest Apple may return to their pre-iPhone 4S June unveiling schedule, numerous analysts believe that if the new model were to launch just eight or nine months after the iPhone 4S launched, it could have severe repercussions since it wouldn’t be allowed the same life span like its predecessors.

Whatever the case may be, stay tuned for more news and rumors related to the next-generation iPhone