Google Adds Street View To Google Maps Web App For iOS Devices

Google Adds Street View To Google Maps Web App For iOS Devices

Today, according to a post from iPhoneinCanada, Google has added their famous Street View feature to the web-based version of Google Maps.

Since the original iPhone was released in 2007, the Google Maps app has been ingrained in iOS. However, with the release of iOS 6, Apple has chosen to replace Google Maps with their own in-house mapping solution, which has undoubtedly inconvenienced a number of customers.

To accompany their new mapping service, Apple added exciting new features like turn-by-turn voice guidance, 3D maps and flyover to the revamped Maps app. However, in spite of Apple’s improvements and revisions, a big part of the previous Google Maps app has vanished with iOS 6: Street View.

Our own tests with Google Street View via the Google Maps web app were very straightforward. Just load up the web app in mobile Safari, tap on a location and a new bottom bar emerges with an icon of a person. Tap that and voila–you have Street View, which opens up in a new tab displaying the URL

As outlined by iPhoneinCanada, Google’s addition of Street View to their Maps web app is incredibly straightforward and works similarly to the Street View functionality of the pre-iOS 6 Maps app.

To assist iOS users in the iOS 6 Maps transition, Google has conveniently added arguably the best function of their mapping service to their web app, which can be accessed on iOS-based devices through Safari.

Stay tuned for additional coverage on Apple, Google and both of their mapping services.