Google+ Invites Disabled: Here’s How To Get Around That

Most of you are probably aware of Google’s new social networking service (Google+). The only way to be a part of Google+, for the time being at least, is to receive an invite – but due to the high volume of invites sent,Google had to temporarily disable the invite service. Thankfully there’s a way to circumvent the invite method and still join Google+!

The idea behind this method is to use a hidden feature in the +Circles service, this will allow invites to be sent to a list of email addresses – here’s how to do it:

  • Make a new circle named “invite”, then add the people who you want to invite to Google+ to your “invite” circle by adding their GMail accounts.
  • Create a new post and assign it to the “invite” circle only (it cannot be public)!

Once you have followed these steps, an invite will be sent out to the people in your “invite circle”! You better take advantage of this exploit soon though because Google will most likely patch it in a few days, if not sooner!

Stay tuned for more Google+ updates!

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