Google’s iOS Maps App Nearing Completion, Apple Improves Their Own Maps App

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Today, in a brief report, The Wall Street Journal suggests that Google is actively developing their standalone Google Maps app that’s intended for Apple’s iOS App Store. While a test version of the upcoming app was reportedly distributed, Google is continuing to improve their forthcoming mapping solution that’s set to rival Apple’s own in-house Maps app that was introduced in iOS 6.

It’s said that Google is putting the finishing touches on their Maps app and it will be unlike their old, outdated, watered-down version of Google Maps for pre-iOS 6 devices. The app will include free turn-by-turn navigation, presumably via some form of voice guidance, and will more closely match Google’s own mapping service for their Android-based devices.

The Wall Street Journal also notes that Apple is also working hard and continuing to improve their Maps app, a division which is now headed by Eddy Cue since Apple’s recent executive shakeup.

Although Google’s rival iOS Maps app is near completion, it’s unclear what will happen once they officially submit the app to Apple’s App Store. While it seems obvious that Apple will reject their competitor’s application, it’s certainly a possibility that the app will get through Apple’s strict review process – after all, numerous Google apps are currently available through the App Store and Apple officials have even invited customers to test alternatives to their Maps app. Stay tuned for complete coverage on both Apple and Google’s rumored iOS mapping and guidance application.