How To Install Preware On Your HP TouchPad – “Jailbreak” It

This tutorial will teach you how to get Preware on your HP TouchPad so you can install third-party applications and tweaks – it’s equivalent of Jailbreaking an iOS devices.

Follow the steps below to have Preware installed on your TouchPad in no time:

1. Download and install everything listed in the Download Section that applies to you

2. In the “Just Type” feature, type the follow code to enable developer mode: upupdowndownleftrightbastart

3. Connect your HP TouchPad to your computer via your USB cable and then launch WebOS Quick Install

4.  Hit the “Globe” icon below the + and – (it’s demonstrated in the video)

5. In the new window, search for Preware and hit install

6. Open Preware from your downloads and hit “Ok, I’ve read this. Let’s continue …”

7. You’re now ready and able to install third-party software on your HP TouchPad!

Download Section:

Stay tuned for more awesome and easy-to-follow HP TouchPad tutorial (including how to install Android on your TouchPad)!

Disclaimer: I cannot be held responsible for anything you download from Preware that has the potential to permanently damage your HP TouchPad. Only proceed with this tutorial if you understand that you are one hundred percent liable for what happens to your HP TouchPad.