How To Tether iPhone’s 3G Or 4G (HSPA+) Data Connection, No Jailbreak Required

While tethering (bridging or sharing a mobile device’s data connection with a computer) is typically looked down upon by carriers unless they can slap additional charges on that functionality, endusers are always looking for nonconventional ways to tether their mobile devices with their computers – especially iPhone users. To circumvent the strict tethering regulations that carriers put in place, most users interested in tethering turn to a third-party software modification and application distribution channel that most of us in the world of iOS have come to know and love over the years: Cydia.

However, what about the users who don’t want to Jailbreak, or who simply can’t due to circumstances beyond their control? If you’re lucky enough to pick up one of unique applications in the App Store that has some form of Easter egg allowing your device to tether, that could be a feasible solution. But, what happens when a restore is required and that app is no longer available on the App Store because Apple has learned of its true nature? The answer is simple, users can turn to tether’s new iOS services.

Available on, tether offers their customers a simple and convenient tethering solution for the relatively reasonable price of $30.00 per year. Tether’s iPhone plan allows users to easily tether their iPhone’s data connection to either their Mac or Windows-based PC.

It’s actually quite simple, once tether’s computer setup application is downloaded and installed, all that’s required on the user’s end is to put in details for the Ad hoc network and the application will create it for you. After that, it’s as easy as connecting to that same network on your iPhone, navigating to tether’s login page in mobile Safari, logging in and voila: the data stream will begin to flow from your iPhone to your computer.

While this method works great, as demonstrated in the video above, there’s really no way of telling whether or not it will last. It’s possible that Apple could find a way to prevent iOS users from tethering via tether’s service – forcing them to either forget they ever had the ability, break down and go with one of their carrier’s restricted plans or turn to Cydia for a solution. But, from a professional stand point, I’d say the service is well worth $30.00 a year (even if it’s only short-lived) and with a 30 day money back guarantee, why not give tether a go?

Additionally, in theory, tether’s service should also work with the new iPad and it’s 4G LTE connection. Once I’ve tested and confirmed this, I’ll compose another video demonstration. With that said, stay tuned for more coverage on tether’s iOS tethering service.

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