New iMacs Unleashed: Thunderbolt Ports, Quadcore Processor, FaceTime HD Camera & More

The highly anticipated and much rumored rumored iMac lineup was refreshed this morning (check it out on Apple’s website here). The iMacs were updated with faster Sandy Bridge processors, AMD’s 6790M graphics processors, HD FaceTime camera (capable of providing full resolution to the 27″ models 2560 by 1600 pixel display) and TWO Thunderbolt I/O connections were added in the update.The biggest revelation besides two Thunderbolt I/O’s, is that every model of the new iMac now comes with a quad-core processor.

Here are the basic stats and pricing:

21.5″ 2.5GHz Quad Core i5, AMD 6750M, 500GB, $1199
21.5″ 2.7GHz Quad Core i5, AMD 6770M, 1TB, $1499
27″ 2.7GHz Quad Core i5, AMD 6770M, 1TB, $1699
27″ 3.1GHz Quad Core i5, AMD 6970M, 1TB, $1999

The 3.4GHz Core i7 processors are also available as an upgrade for an additional $200. The ram is still only upgradeable to 16GB, but the AMD 6790M graphics card is upgradeable from 1GB to 2GB of GDDR5 memory. Sure, it sounds like a big jump, but is it worth it?

In my opinion, I don’t think it’s worth it considering the specs on the Macbook Pro are superior to that of the new iMac – and with Apple claiming it’s their “ultimate-all-in-one” computer, I think your money can be better spent for the mobility and superior specs of the MacBook Pro (granted you will have to slap down some extra cash); but, if you’re going to buy a Mac anyway, you might as well go all out!